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From the city of the moon and the gift of Cleopatra to her beloved Mark Anthony, From Jericho; The city of Homer and Mount of temptation, From its vast and extended green planes, from the location where the lord Jesus Christ was baptized, From Jericho; the place where the Islamic art and culture meet in Hisham Palace, And from this city which witnessed the creation of the story of mankind and his struggle for life and religion, This city that bears in its background in its side roads, and in its soil a history of 10000 years.

From this location, we say to all people, welcome to Jericho; the city of humanity, green planes, and rich history. But most importantly we send greetings from Jericho the city aspiring for peace and justice. It's always been this way; Freedom and justice are both the energy that renovates the soul and the energy that marks the big hopes and broad ambitions.

We send you a greeting, a greeting from the elected council members, a greeting from me; "Hassan Saleh" the elected Mayor. The city of Jericho in the 28th of December 2004 was involved in a huge democratic celebration of the Municipal elections. Through this event, and through conducting the presidential elections which resulted in electing Mr. Mahmoud Abbas as the president of Palestine, Jericho and all the other Palestinian cities and villages wanted to convey a message to the world, a message that stresses on our love for democracy and our deep understanding of its lessons, and at the same time; it stresses on our love for freedom and our determination to become free, Our determination to see our cities free of occupation and free of checkpoints and barriers, To see Jerusalem as the capital of our independent Palestinian state.

In this site, we affectionately welcome you in Jericho; we welcome you to this beautiful winter resort, to this green oasis, and to the scent of history. We tell you that reaching the city and communicating with the world is easy and possible.

Welcome again, we say welcome to families, and welcome to students and welcome to school trips. Everybody is welcome to enjoy this lovely climate, to make tours on bicycles and touch history with the palm of his hands. Let every person say, yes I have visited Jericho and enjoyed every second of it and I will be back again. From me, Hasan Saleh, the Mayor, and from all citizens we send all people feelings of love and affection.

And the call remains; welcome to the city of the moon the city of baptism.

Until we meet again,
The Mayor of Jericho
Hassan Saleh